Reading scientific articles is not something simple and pleasant, as we don't always have time to read long texts full of technical terms. The attempt to use scientific texts by managers, entrepreneurs, consultants and other actors interested in the innovation of organizations usually implies access to many texts, characterizing a slow and fragmented reading. Another aspect to be highlighted is that scientific texts generally lack direction for actions, the main demand of practitioners who seek solutions to their many organizational challenges. These two arguments are pointed out by van Aken and Romme (2009) as the main reasons for the low use of scientific texts by practitioners. These limitations of the scientific literature motivated the development of this channel, which proposes to select and discuss in a clear and objective way, in the form of letters, the most recent and important scientific advances in the area of ​​Organizational Innovation.

van Aken, J. E., & Romme, G. (2009). Reinventing the future: adding design science to the repertoire of organization and management studies. Organization Management Journal, 6(1), 5–12.

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