Letters to Innovators

The target audience of the “Letters to Innovators” are professionals who provide organizational and managerial support for the occurrence of Innovation in companies. With this in mind, letters should:

• address new topics/scientific knowledge about the management of Innovation in organizations;

• the subject addressed must be new to academia and may have been developed by any researcher (it does not need to have been developed by the writer of the letter), the important thing is to have been recently published in a relevant journal (indicate article(s) at the end of the letter, as Further Reading);

• the text should focus only on recommendations for practitioners, pragmatic issues for the manager’s day-to-day. Every part of texts typical of scientific articles, which show accuracy, generalization, among other attributes of scientific communication, have already been addressed in the article(s) cited in the Further Reading and should not be addressed in the text of the letter;

• Simple and direct terms and language (up to 1,000 words), without citations to articles or books, without methodological terms, thinking about the reader who is a practitioner, the manager who is in organizations thinking about the continuous challenge of innovating processes, services and products.

Doubts, please consult the current curator of this communication channel:
Prof. Dr. José Osvaldo De Sordi